All over but the screaming

By Tim Grieve

Published February 3, 2005 6:42PM (EST)

If the DNC race isn't over yet, it will be any moment now.

Howard Dean picked up endorsements today from Gov. Tom Vilsack and seven other DNC voters from Iowa in addition to the support of Maine's DNC delegation. That leaves Dean with well over 200 DNC votes in the bank. He needs 224 to win.

While it's theoretically possible that Dean won't make it to 224, there's just no sign that anyone can deny him. Dean's nearest challenger is Donnie Fowler, but Fowler can claim the public support of only about a dozen DNC voters, and he hasn't announced any new endorsements for some time. A Fowler aide told us today that Fowler will stay in the race as long as he's got people supporting him, but she didn't make any bold pronouncements about momentum starting to shift in his direction.

Tim Grieve

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