Did Hillary lie about her Purple Heart?

By Tim Grieve

Published February 9, 2005 9:16PM (EST)

We reported earlier today about Hillary Clinton's high approval ratings among voters in New York. Somebody's fixing to do something about them. New York magazine reports on Republican plans to do to Hillary Clinton what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did to John Kerry:

"Arthur Finkelstein, the political guru who helped create George Pataki, now wants to Swift Boat-ize Hillary Clinton," the magazine says. "Senior New York Republicans say hes creating a political action committee called 'Stop Her Now'all you need is the pronoun with this crowd, apparentlywhich will attempt to raise more than $10 million nationwide to use against Her during Her 2006 reelection campaign. The PAC will 'bloody her up long before her presidential run,' vows a top state Republican, adding the model is indeed the Swift Boat Vets."

Tim Grieve

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