Published February 10, 2005 7:13PM (EST)

This is Audiofile, Salon's new source for daily free downloads and music musings; new free download will be posted every weekday, followed by sporadic postings of music news, artist lists and interviews, mixes, concert reviews, and whatever else strikes my (and your) fancy. On the left, you'll find the master list of all the songs (200-plus) that have been featured both on Audiofile and on the dearly departed Wednesday Morning Download, with links to download the songs, and to read what I wrote about them at the time. On the right there are links to MP3 sources and to some of my favorite music blogs, which I'll update frequently. I'll always be on the lookout for things to write about in Audiofile, but could use your help. Write me (audiofile@salon.com) with feedback on the tracks I post, good stories and music gossip, links to exciting music-related Web sites and, as always, leads on free downloads.

-- Thomas Bartlett

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