Daily Download: "Pissing," Low, from "The Great Destroyer"


By Salon Staff
Published February 14, 2005 3:30PM (EST)

It's hard not to respect Low for tampering with their long-established style as they do on "The Great Destroyer," upping the tempos, the volume, the busyness. With stubborn minimalism, spartan beats and painfully, blissfully attenuated harmonies, they had developed one of the most recognizable, and best, sounds in indie rock, but it was also becoming too much of a formula -- albeit a great one. Not surprisingly, departing from that formula has led to mixed results. "The Great Destroyer" is their most inconsistent record, and on it is some of their worst music: They've never before sounded as ordinary as they do on the mid-tempo rocker "California," or as treacly as they do on "Silver Rider." But there's also some of their best music here. "Monkey" is good. "Pissing" is great, my favorite track here and one of my favorite Low songs ever, and I'm so pleased that Sub Pop has allowed me to post an exclusive download of it. The ominous tone, the four chords stretched out for maximum impact, are classic Low, but the track also ends with a blast of screaming feedback and includes a movie-soundtrack piano part of an intricacy that is new to the band's music. This song will be available for only a week -- download now and pass it on.

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