Mickey Madden's Top 5 Songs

By Salon Staff
Published February 14, 2005 7:40PM (EST)

Mickey Madden is the bassist in Maroon 5, last night's winner of the Grammy for best new artist -- and also voted No. 1 best dressed on the red carpet by E!'s Instant Fashion Police. These are his five current favorite songs:

1. The Pogues' "A Pair of Brown Eyes" breaks hearts.
2. Bob Dylan and the Band's "This Wheel's on Fire" is the most mysterious song of them all. (iTunes download)
3. My Bloody Valentine's "Drive It All Over Me" has a break after every chorus where they add a beat of silence before going back into the verse and it blows my mind.
4. Roy Orbison's "Crying" is the greatest vocal performance ever. (iTunes download)
5. The Ronettes' "Walking in the Rain" is also the greatest vocal performance ever.

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