You've changed my life, Salon. Readers respond to Joan Walsh's "A New Day at Salon."

By Salon Staff
Published February 14, 2005 7:43PM (EST)

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You can put this in your journalistic pipe and smoke it.

Three years ago I canceled my subscription to Harpers print version, which I had subscribed to for about 25 years. I converted the cash into a premium subscription to Salon, and I have not been disappointed.

Many thanks, and continue ... we need you.

-- Neale Povey

I'm a newbie at the Internet. I didn't discover the joys of instant information until my husband got me a new computer and set me up with a DSL account this past summer. I don't think I could have gotten through this past election season without my daily dose of Salon.

I'm disabled, and I miss having long discussions with co-workers about politics, religion and daily news items. Now, every day, no matter how I feel, I check my e-mail and then go directly to Salon. I just wish you had more new articles on the weekend.

I've been enjoying this connection to the world. I've lost faith in TV news coverage and my local newspaper (although, as a true news junkie, I read the paper and watch the news daily). I keep my sanity with Salon, the Nation, "The Daily Show" and the various blogs that I've connected to from these entities. Thanks for being there, and keep the information coming! It's going to be a long, ugly four years, we need all the truth we can get!

-- Pamela Hampson


This is good news. Joan Walsh is a great writer, and I hope her new role will not diminish how often we'll get to read her thoughtful work.

-- Sean Sullivan

Hey, I'm actually verklempt. Adieu, David Talbot. Good luck with your book. I'll be looking forward to it. Thanks for Salon. I don't agree with everything you stand for editorially, but you've changed my life nonetheless.

Rock on, Salon.

-- Liz Hodgson

Just wanted to congratulate you on 10 years of reporting. I've been a subscriber this past year, and am happy to support an arena in journalism that tells it like it is. I'm grateful that there is a media voice that is not intimidated by Bush-think and lets us know what is truly happenning to our country.

-- Joseph Brennan

As one of the feisty and demanding readers whose e-mails David Talbot was good enough to respond to (with characteristic grace and more patience than I probably deserved), I'd like to thank him for birthing and raising a journalistic enterprise that is utterly unique and indispensable. My day would not be the same without Salon; my life would not be the same without Salon; the world would not be the same without Salon.

Godspeed, Mr. Talbot. If the capable Ms. Walsh does half as good a job as you have, Salon no doubt will thrive as it continues its vital and unparalleled work.

-- Tom Abernathy

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