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Paris hacking rocks Eminem, Ashley Olsen, Anna Kournikova. Plus: Hunter S. Thompson's last request?

By Salon Staff
Published February 22, 2005 12:20PM (EST)

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This is it: the moment you've been waiting for. On Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST, CBS is airing the "'One Day at a Time' Reunion Special," bringing Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips, Valerie Bertinelli and Pat Harrington back to our lives for one special night. And if you're really feeling nostalgic, you can also check out a documentary about the Harlem Globetrotters, "The Team That Changed the World," on PBS (check local listings). Or if you're in a more controversial mood, PBS' "Frontline" looks at the dangers American soldiers face in Iraq in "A Company of Soldiers" (check local listings). The footage is so strong that many local affiliates are choosing to air an edited version, and those that are airing it unedited were required to sign a waiver indemnifying PBS.

Morning Briefing:
Gonzo to the end: Hunter S. Thompson's last request? Thompson's friend Warren Hinckle has told the New York Post that, shortly before the writer walked into the kitchen of his Colorado home and fatally shot himself, he told his son, Juan, he wanted a "great funeral -- I want my ashes shot out of a cannon." Hinckle says Juan was visiting Thompson with his wife and young son at the time of his father's suicide, and that Thompson's wife was out at the gym. Hinckle says Juan told him that his father, moments before his death, was "talking about a funeral, great funeral. Typical Hunter ranting, nothing out of the ordinary about that. And then he walked into the next room ... and pow." (N.Y. Post)

Got their numbers: The celebrity world is reeling after Paris Hilton's T-Mobile cellphone data -- including her star-studded phone list, racy cell-snapped photos (among them self-recorded images of her various naked body parts), and overly revealing notes to self and to others -- was hacked into and posted for all to see on the Web. The information has been taken down, but not before a whole passel of celebrities were pranked by prurient plebes. Lindsay Lohan was flooded with calls, many of them from Japan, where her "Mean Girls" has a devoted following. Ashley Olsen's phone logged more than 100 calls within hours after her number was posted, and Paris' ex Nick Carter was pranked and recorded by a caller claiming to be a T-Mobile repairman. Eminem, Vin Diesel, Bijou Phillips, Pharrell Williams and many others rushed to change their phone numbers. And we're guessing other Hilton callees like Anna Kournikova, Luke Wilson, Andy Roddick, Adrien Brody and, for some reason, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson will want to change theirs too. As will "The Insider" host Pat O'Brien, who received hundreds of text messages on his cell, including one that read, "Hello, I am from Israel. Can I have $100?" (N.Y. Post)

Also: Pamela Anderson is so anti-fur, she refused to ride in an elevator with a woman wearing a fur coat in Las Vegas last week. (Page Six) ... Joel Silver and Joss Whedon are collaborating on a film version of "Wonder Woman," in which the title character may be played by either Kim Basinger or Jessica Biehl, depending on how old Wonder Woman is written to be. (Page Six) ... Police profiler Allison DuBois, on whom the NBC show "Medium" is based, has gotten a book deal with Simon & Schuster's Fireside imprint, which will rush out a hardcover edition of her self-published autobiography, "Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye," in March. (Paul Colford's Hot Copy) ... Lyle Lovett has irritated some federal air marshals by getting a tour of their training facility in Washington, D.C., from Federal Air Marshal Service Director Thomas Quinn, an old motorcycling buddy of his, which they claim was a security breach. (Rush and Molloy) ... The dance floor from the recently closed Brooklyn nightclub made famous in ">N.Y. Daily News) ... Christian Slater is jumping into the role of Tom in the Broadway production of Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie," just days before it is set to begin previews, this Thursday. (Associated Press)

Money Quotes:
Cher, during a concert in New Zealand last weekend: "I'm not going to give up show business but I'm going to give up touring because, you know, there are all of these young girls coming out like Britney [Spears] and J.Lo.... I know -- they are ho's, aren't they?" (Page Six)

Chris Rock riffing on that whole straight-men-don't-watch-the-Oscars scandal: "I did not say that. I said only gay people watch the Tonys." ("The Tonight Show" via Associated Press)

-- Amy Reiter

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