Daily Download: "Late Blues," Ida, from "Heart Like a River"

Daily Download: "Late Blues," Ida, from "Heart Like a River"

By Salon Staff
Published February 28, 2005 8:01AM (EST)

New York band Ida, based around the singing and songwriting of husband and wife Dan Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell, have been spinning out seductive, muted folk-pop for well over a decade now. Their music sometimes comes off as precious, and even a touch narcissistic -- at Ida's worst, you imagine the two singers gazing dreamily into each other's eyes as they sing treacly harmonies -- but more often than not, it's mesmerizing. "Late Blues," from their upcoming Warn Defever-produced "Heart Like a River," is an indie slow jam, a smooth R&B/slow-core blend, made sweet and strange by the addition of harmonium.
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