Talon News stands down

The former journalism home of Jeff Gannon says it's time for a "top to bottom" review of its contributors.

By Tim Grieve

Published February 28, 2005 1:35PM (EST)

Jeff Gannon is covering the controversy surrounding Jeff Gannon with an attention to detail that might have served him well as a White House correspondent. But you won't read about "Gannongate" -- or anything else -- at Talon News. The Web site that launched Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert has shut itself down, at least for now. In a statement on the Talon News home page, Talon says:

"The recent public focus on Talon News, while much of it malicious, has indeed brought some constructive elements to the surface. It has also brought many kind messages of support, and for that we are extremely grateful.

"In order to better serve those readers across the country who enjoy Talon News content and look forward to receiving it each day, we feel compelled to reevaluate operations in order to provide the highest quality, most professional product possible.

"Thus, Talon News will be offline while we redesign the web site, perform a top-to-bottom review of staff and volunteer contributors, and address future operational procedures.

"We look forward to bringing an even better product to our readers in the future."

The Houston Chronicle tried to contact Talon owner Bobby Eberle about the shut-down but discovered that his phone has been disconnected. Eberle's publicist, Jennifer Ohman, told the Chronicle that Talon's Web site picked up traffic when the Gannon controversy erupted, but that all those new page views were "not the kind of hits we were looking for."

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