Kerry in 2008?

Just weeks after saying it's "too early" to talk about next time, John Kerry launches a political action committee.

By Tim Grieve
Published March 1, 2005 2:24PM (EST)

The Freepers will be thrilled: It's another flip-flop!

Three weeks ago, John Kerry told Don Imus that it was "way too early for anybody to be talking about" running for president in 2008. But as the Washington Post reports this morning, it might not be "too early" any more. With a slew of other Democrats making moves toward presidential runs, Kerry seems ready to make his first step now, too. On March 7, Kerry and his wife, Teresa, will host a gathering at their Washington, D.C., home to launch a new political action committee called Keeping America's Promise.

Team Kerry says the purpose of Kerry's PAC is to strengthen the Democratic Party but also to "transform the infrastructure, energy and excitement from his presidential campaign into a permanent grass-roots organization that promotes the causes Kerry advocated on the campaign, and supports candidates up and down the ticket across the country."

One Democratic media strategist put it another way: If Kerry wants to run again in 2008, Dan Payne told the Post, "This is the kind of thing he has to do."

Tim Grieve

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