Help save Y100

By Salon Staff
Published March 1, 2005 6:46PM (EST)

It's disheartening how few radio stations there are out there with any kind of independence, that deviate in any way from playlists approved by corporate monoliths like Clear Channel. Reader Laura Adams writes to tell me about the demise of another, Y100, Philadelphia's only alternative rock station:

"Last Thursday, with no warning, Y100 was forced off the air by owners Radio One, who decided to change format and give the city its sixth hip-hop station. Almost the entire staff was fired and locked out of their offices. Since last Friday, there's been a huge backlash by fans of the station -- a Web site was founded and a petition started, which in four days over 35,000 people have signed. Even Weezer has given the situation a nod on their Web site. The ex-DJs are broadcasting over an Internet radio station (available on iTunes and Live365) and have virtually maxed out their streaming capacity."

Indeed, when I tried to listen to the stream via Live365, I got a message that the maximum number of listeners was already signed on. I don't live in Philadelphia and I've never heard Y100, but any outlet providing an alternative to the Radio One/Clear Channel agenda of world domination by musical homogeny needs all the support it can get. Sign the petition to save Y100.

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