The Kennedy backlash begins

Smarting from the Supreme Court's death penalty decision, Gary Bauer warns the right that Anthony Kennedy is fixing to turn over the United States to foreigners -- including the French!

By Tim Grieve
Published March 2, 2005 7:15PM (EST)

We predicted yesterday that the right would react angrily to Anthony Kennedy's international-law-inspired about-face on the execution of juvenile killers.

Here we go.

In a letter to supporters last night, Gary Bauer railed against the "radicalism" that is "coming down" on Americans from the court. Singling out Kennedy, Bauer wrote: "My friends, don't miss what is happening here. Even if some agree that juveniles should not be eligible for the death penalty, that decision should be made by the people of the United States expressing our will through our elected officials. . . . Under no circumstances should laws passed by the British Parliament, the French National Assembly, the German Bundestag or the European Union be a factor in deciding what is a permissible decision by the American people in our own self-governance."

Bauer said the "only solution is a major change in who sits on the courts," and -- apparently forgetting for a moment that Kennedy was appointed by a Republican -- he called for the White House to ram its judicial nominees through the Senate despite the procedural roadblocks Democrats might raise. "While we are nobly trying to expand liberty in the Middle East," Bauer says, "inattention to these judicial outrages is in danger of undermining liberty here."

Tim Grieve

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