The whisper song

Crunk duo the Ying Yang Twins whisper through their new single.

By Salon Staff
Published March 8, 2005 6:24PM (EST)

I was amused to find that the copy of the Ying Yang Twins' new single "Wait" that was sent to radio stations and journalists includes not just a clean version (swears deleted) and an explicit ("street") version, but also a "Non-Suggestive Radio Mix," with many of the lyrics changed entirely. Given that the song's chorus is "Ay, bitch! Wait till you see my dick/ Imma beat that pussy up," this is something like releasing an edit of "The Passion of the Christ" that avoids all mention of Jesus. But "Wait" has been getting attention not for the content of its lyrics, which are nothing out of the ordinary for the Ying Yang Twins, but for the way they're performed: The two rappers never lift their voices above a whisper.

It's a totally intriguing idea, but an idea that somewhat outpaces the execution. The beat -- nothing but finger snaps and three bass notes -- is nice and spare but not very interesting, and, unless you have a fascination with lewd come-ons and threats of sexual violence, neither are the lyrics. Still, it will make for a nice change of tone each time it comes on the radio.

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