The founder of Rathergate.com clarifies his role in the CBS scandal, and other readers join the debate.

By Salon Staff
Published March 10, 2005 9:46PM (EST)

[Read "Who Killed Dan Rather?" by Joan Walsh.]

While it's true that I work for Richard Viguerie, it's not fair to tar the folks at Little Green Footballs, INDC Journal, Wizbang and so many others as not being exactly what they are -- real citizen-bloggers (and what an odd term that is, for what it's worth).

All I did was take all the good work they had done on the story itself and gave folks who cared about it the chance to take some action. The 3.1 million e-mails generated by the site to CBS affiliates around the country would seem to speak to a pretty deep dissatisfaction with Mr. Rather and CBS -- but I've said over and over that Rathergate.com didn't deserve nearly the credit that all the other bloggers do, and it's true.

-- Mike Krempasky, Rathergate.com

Thank you for Joan Walsh's piece on the retirement of Dan Rather. In today's confused public debate to define what's blogging and what's journalism, it's easy to attribute Rather's recent woes to the concerted efforts of partisan bloggers. But Walsh digs deeper and reminds us that Rather has been a target of the right for decades. Ronald Reagan himself called Rather during a 1982 newscast to complain about perceived bias.

Legitimate or not, complaints about Rather have a long, storied history. And while I don't deny the power of bloggers to propel their stories into the national debate, I don't think this story was theirs by a long shot.

-- Jayne Iafrate

I guess I'm very different from your average reader in my feelings about Dan Rather, et al. The fact that CBS will go after a story is to their credit. Yes, Rathergate was a mess, but should we throw the baby out with the bathwater? As far as I can see, they are the only member of the MSM who really does investigative journalism and I appreciate their efforts. Have any other network news outfits given the torture scandal the space that CBS has allotted to this stain on America? I pray that with the departure of Rather, CBS will continue to pursue the real news as opposed to the fabrications often offered up by Fox, etc.

-- Sally Sanders

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