Daily Download: "I Close My Eyes," Shivaree, from "Who's Got Trouble"

An exclusive free download of torchy Tom Waits-style pop

By Salon Staff
Published March 14, 2005 8:01AM (EST)

Shivaree, the trio of Ambrosia Parsley, Duke McVinnie and Danny McGough do quite well in Europe, but they've never found their proper niche in the United States. They're too torchy for the indie kids, too edgy for the Norah Jones crowd ("the cozies," I'll call them), and not pop enough for the radio. It's a shame, because Parsley is a stunning, captivating singer in the post-Billie mode, not so different from Rickie Lee Jones but with a less pronounced affect. The band's sound flips back and forth between smooth torch songs and Tom Waits-style carnival-country-pop. "Close My Eyes," from their beautiful new "Who's Got Trouble," is in their Waits mode, with an extra dash of surf guitar thrown in, and is as catchy a song as they've written. Thanks to Zoe Records for this exclusive download.

Salon Staff

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