Thompson on Kenny G -- and Janet Jackson's breast

An English troubador offers advice for Janet Jackson, mockery for Kenny G and a lovely new guitar piece for Werner Herzog.

By Salon Staff
Published March 16, 2005 6:45PM (EST)

Richard Thompson, the great songwriter and guitarist, wrote and performed the soundtrack for Werner Herzog's new documentary "Grizzly Man," which was shown at the Sundance festival this year. "Treadwell No More" is a solo guitar piece that, like most of Thompson's work, draws on both Celtic and blues strains without a trace of the hokeyness you might expect from such a combination.

As long as you're on Thompson's Web site, be sure to grab free downloads of "Dear Janet Jackson" ("If you must shove your titty in somebody's face, shove it in a baby's") and "I Agree With Pat Metheny," a gleeful skewering of Kenny G's overdubbed "duet" with Louis Armstrong ("A meeting of great minds, how nice!/ Like Einstein and Sporty Spice"), leading to an unlikely alliance of two guitar gods.

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