Daily Download: "Hideyaface," Prefuse 73

Ghostface guests on a track from indie hip-hop king Prefuse 73 -- A Salon exclusive.

By Salon Staff
Published March 22, 2005 8:01AM (EST)

With his track "Hideyaface" already in rotation on New York's Hot 97, the biggest hip-hop station in the country, it looks as though Prefuse 73's Scott Herren is poised to infiltrate mainstream hip-hop, sneaking in shielded by the considerable brawn of Ghostface. That's a thrill, because Herren's glitchy, IDM-ish, sometimes just this side of incomprehensibly abstract beats are like nothing else out there. Herren's production is so dense, and he has such a love of fatiguing high-end frequencies, that it's somewhat aurally exhausting to listen through his brilliant new record, "Surrounded by Silence," from start to finish. It's well worth the effort, though. There's an incredible list of guest collaborators here, including GZA, Aesop Rock, the Books, Beans and Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead, and Herren surrounds each of them with a beautifully destabilizing collage of sound. Many thanks to Warp Records for permission to post this exclusive download.

Salon Staff

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