And now, a word from Mel Gibson

Fox News digs deep for expert commentary on the Schiavo case

By Page Rockwell
Published March 31, 2005 11:20PM (EST)

Perhaps Fox News is running out of "experts" to consult on the Terri Schiavo case. As Schiavo's condition worsened Wednesday night, "Hannity & Colmes" host Sean Hannity called on actor-director Mel Gibson for commentary. Gibson's weighing in on the subject has some precedent -- earlier this month, he apparently borrowed the fax machine at L.A.'s Drago's Seafood Restaurant to fax the Schindler family a statement of his support. But his Fox News appearance gave Gibson the opportunity to voice his opinion more forcefully: "It's nothing more than the sustained state-sanctioned murder."

And the reason the state "murdered" Schiavo? According to the "Conspiracy Theory" star, it's a conspiracy. Gibson opined that right-to-die cases like Schiavo's are the government's way of saving a buck or two: "We may be able to save a few Social Security dollars later on down the track by simply pulling the plug on the infirm, or the disabled, or the aged ... And I think that there is an agenda. And people say, 'Well, they can't all be in it together.' But, you know, there's no other way to explain this behavior."

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