Daily Download: "Reflections After Jane," the Clientele

Foggy, cozy, quintessentially English music, perfect for tea and crumpets by the fireplace.

Published April 1, 2005 8:01AM (EST)

The Clientele's music -- hazy, foggy, perpetually on the verge of drizzling rain -- is a paean to English weather. The band also accesses a particularly English form of muted, cozy nostalgia: I can think of no better music to accompany tea and crumpets by the fireplace on a rainy day. "Reflections After Jane" is my favorite of all their songs, with some of Alisdair MacLean's most evocative lyrics, set to a luxurious, draping melody and sung, as always, in a somnambulatory daze.

By Salon Staff

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