Daily Download: "Greenery," Quasimoto

A rocking song from Madlib's helium-voiced alter ego Quasimoto

Published April 4, 2005 7:01AM (EDT)

The helium-voiced Quasimoto (his voice sped up in the studio to produce the effect) is an alter ego of the astonishing hip-hop producer Madlib. It sounds like the kind of gimmick that would last for maybe a song or two before getting stale, but here comes a second full-length Quasimoto record, "The Further Adventures of Lord Quas," and it still hasn't gotten old, in part because Madlib saves some of his very best, and strangest, beats for Quas. The beat for "Greenery" (which riffs on one of Madlib's favorite topics, the joys of marijuana) rocks harder than Madlib's vinyl dream-world norm, and has a stunningly cool, way-behind-the-beat keyboard part that tries mightily to sucker you away from the downbeat.

By Salon Staff

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