Trophy hunting by remote control

Interested in picking off a wild boar or gazelle from the comfort of your own home office?

Published April 5, 2005 7:00PM (EDT)

And you thought the appointment of a trophy-hunting enthusiast to head the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was dubious. But how about bringing down a wild boar or gazelle from the comfort of your own home office?, a company offering exotic big-game hunting on the Internet, will allow you to do just that, starting April 9. The company is based in Texas (where else) and conducts operations on a ranch outside San Antonio -- you just point and click with your mouse to fire away. According to a report in today's Christian Science Monitor, lawmakers in 14 states, including Texas, are currently trying to ban the practice, which, needless to say, has stirred up a bit of controversy.

John Lockwood, the developer of the new site, tells the Christian Science Monitor that part of his vision is allowing access to hunting for people unable to get out into the woods, including the wheelchair-bound. "The idea of hunting this way doesn't appeal to me," he says. "Most of us love getting into the field. But there are many that cannot."

But thanks to the new services of Live-Shot, a person can control a camera and a firearm, shooting at real targets in real time, from a computer anywhere. According to the organization's site, a 30-day membership costs $14.95, with additional charges per individual shooting packages. Currently, the site only lists prices for sessions using paper targets, which you can have sent to you afterwards. Apparently, once the virtual ranch expeditions start up this weekend, getting a hold of your trophy from the animal kingdom won't be a problem, either -- for an additional fee, the company will ship the meat or head off to the customer who pulled the trigger.

By Mark Follman

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