What gay marriage says about men

Barney Frank says he knows.

Published April 13, 2005 1:20PM (EDT)

Gay marriage hasn't done much to change the straight marriages around us -- happy couples still seem happy, and unhappy ones still seem unhappy -- but Rep. Barney Frank says that statistics on gay marriage have revealed an essential truth about all marriages: Women want to get married more than men.

In a recent speech to what U.S. News & World Report says was a "mostly male and heterosexual crowd," Frank said: "There's always been this assumption that men want to get married less than women, but left to your own, you couldn't prove it." Saying that a disproportionate number of gay marriages have been among lesbians rather than gay men, Frank said: "We have done the one thing for American stand-up comedians that the heterosexual community could not do: We have validated the premise that men don't want to get married and women do."

By Tim Grieve

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