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A useful guide to listening to MP3s at home. Plus: Ratzinger anti-rock.

Published April 25, 2005 5:55PM (EDT)

Upon the news that Cardinal Ratzinger had been elected as pope a number of music blogs, including pop (all love) and stereogum (don't those pictures of John Paul and the break dancers make you nostalgic?), posted items on the new pope's dislike of rock 'n' roll. Presumably biased by that anti-rock stance, brooklynvegan and poplicks suggest that Ratzinger has a vaguely Satanic look about him.

German-language blog London Leben posts a list of "268 Splendid MP3 Blogs."

Stylus Magazine has posted an article by Chris Ott, guiding you step by step through setting up a digital music library, and an affordable but decent computer sound system to listen to them on. It's both helpful and timely, as many of us (myself included) are now facing the challenge of finding a comfortable way to listen to MP3s at home.

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