The Gannon report

Did Tom Daschle's campaign try to "out" Jeff Gannon? And what does Gannon himself say about his past?

Published May 2, 2005 3:51PM (EDT)

Get ready for more about Jeff Gannon.

The next issue of Vanity Fair will include the magazine's piece on the reporter sometimes known as Jim Guckert. And as Howard Kurtz reports in the Washington Post, it will reveal that Gannon's seedy past wasn't exactly a secret to some in Washington: Tom Daschle's campaign staff apparently learned about Gannon's gay sex Web sites while Gannon was pounding on Daschle during his unsuccessful re-election race in 2004. Vanity Fair says that Daschle's campaign spread the word about Gannon, but that no reporters picked up on the story then.

We haven't heard from Gannon yet on this news, but we're sure we will soon enough: Not a day goes by without Jeff Gannon taking time to offer his views about the news about Jeff Gannon at But if you just can't wait to hear more from the man himself, you can check out the video clip of Gannon's appearance on Bill Maher's show Friday night. The highlight? When Maher asked Gannon whether it was true that he worked as a gay escort before becoming the White House reporter for Talon News, Gannon offered a classic non-denial denial. "Well, there's lot of allegations out there about things in my past," he said. "You know, none of it's relevant as far as my reporting goes." But when Maher pressed on, asking Gannon whether Republicans wouldn't have split a seam if the Clinton administration had allowed a former prostitute into the White House briefing room, Gannon came awfully close to making what sounded like an admission. "I don't know the answer to that," he said. "But usually the way it works is people prostitute themselves after they become reporters."

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