Bruce Springsteen and Bush's dinosaur

The Boss disses the president, and Matt Drudge takes note. What if he'd heard what Springsteen really said?

Published May 2, 2005 2:20PM (EDT)

Matt Drudge apparently thinks it's news worthy of his front page: At a concert in Phoenix Saturday night, a reviewer for the Arizona Republic says he heard Bruce Springsteen say, "That's right," after a member of the audience shouted out, "Fuck the president!"

We were at the show Saturday night -- War Room is everywhere -- and we didn't quite catch the exchange the reviewer reports. We're not saying it didn't happen. We heard the fan shout out his salute to the commander in chief; we just couldn't make out what Springsteen said, if anything, in response. But if Springsteen did adopt the fan's comments as his own, it shouldn't have surprised anyone. Springsteen appeared alongside John Kerry in the final days of his run against Bush, and he made it perfectly clear that he was dissatisfied with the direction in which the president was taking the country.

True, Springsteen did it with more eloquence than invective back in the fall. But if it's the personal epithet that has Drudge and some Republican fans at Springsteen's Web site so hot and bothered -- an epithet, we should note, with which the White House is not unfamiliar -- they can find a better source for their angst than whatever it was that Springsteen said to the fan Saturday night. Introducing "Part Man, Part Monkey" in Phoenix, Springsteen railed on the Bush administration for questioning evolution while embracing "contributions," "executions" and "retribution." At the end of that riff, we heard Springsteen himself deliver what appeared to be a message to the president: "Fuck you, Elvis, and the dinosaur you rode in on, too."

By Tim Grieve

Tim Grieve is a senior writer and the author of Salon's War Room blog.

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