A TV-Turnoff movement leader explains why we should all reach for our clickers, and readers debate the merits of Heather Havrilesky's "Deadwood"-speak.

Published May 3, 2005 8:00PM (EDT)

[Read "He Doesn't Like to Watch," by Julia Scott.]

Your article "He Doesn't Like to Watch" sure missed the real story of TV-Turnoff Week. It may be, as Kalle Lasn said, that Adbusters' Turnoff efforts were "dormant" until this year. But the Turnoff movement has grown dramatically in size and strength, regardless of Adbusters' contributions.

That's because tens of thousands of teachers, parents, doctors, librarians and others have made TV-Turnoff Week a treasured -- and important -- springtime ritual in schools and communities nationally and, increasingly, internationally.

These folks are convincing a growing segment of the American population that turning off the tube for seven days can be the springboard to lasting change: to reducing our screen time, choosing the programs we do watch more selectively, and to engaging in many more screen-free activities.

For its 8 million-plus participants, TV-Turnoff Week is a dynamic way to recapture lost time and to rediscover that life can be more fun, rewarding and even relaxing when we do more and watch less.

-- Frank Vespe
Executive Director, TV-Turnoff Network

[Read the "Deadwood"-speak edition of "I Like to Watch," by Heather Havrilesky]

I know it is supposed to be a parody, but it comes off as the most juvenile review of anything I have ever read. Me and half a dozen other people I know who have Salon Premium subscriptions are going to be canceling them because of this article. Really, is it too much to ask that columnists don't put words in God's mouth --- especially "cocksucker"?

-- Burt Smythe

I'm sure some of the hooples will write in to complain about the author's exercise of her full range of vocabulary, to which I retort: awesome.

-- Sean

Heather, will you marry me? Oh, strike that; I'm already married. Bless your fucking heart for writing this article. Bless your cocksucking heart for your fucking existence.

-- Kate R. Hayes


-- Timothy Campbell

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