They love it when she calls them names: Heather Havrilesky's fans lash out against the hoopleheads.

Published May 4, 2005 8:00PM (EDT)

[Read this week's "I Like to Watch."]

Thank you, Heather Havrilesky, for channeling Al Swearengen in "I Like to Watch." As a "Deadwood" addict, I can't get enough of the profanity and pure disregard for decency standards. God knows there is nowhere else on TV I'm going to get anything remotely similar. While the TV networks have made it their express aim to flout all standards of good taste (It's "Mobile Home Disaster!"), they have left any shred of originality or intelligence so far behind that there is truly nothing worth watching anymore. Let's face it -- the network shows have gotten so bad, inane and just plain boring that an injection of "Deadwood" is the only way to make them worth reading about. As things stand, I'm shelling out $50 a month for the privilege of watching "The Daily Show," making Comedy Central a pretty damn expensive TV channel.

I recently noticed that my viewing habits have slowly yet inevitably drifted toward HBO shows -- instead of waiting for the next season of my favorite shows on TV, I wait for the next DVD release of "The Sopranos" or "Six Feet Under." After all, there is only so much "Law & Order" one can stand. "Deadwood" is what finally made me consider actually upping my cable TV bill by paying for HBO. Unfortunately, because HBO took its sweet time releasing the latest batch of its shows, now I've fallen too far behind to just pick up where the DVDs left off -- what's up with that, HBO cocksuckers? Give me my next fix of TV dope, or you'll be making the acquaintance of some voracious pigs!

-- Eva Kaniasty

I certainly hope Heather Havrilesky had as much fun writing that as I did reading it. Bring the fight straight to the hoopleheads!

-- David

What a woman. I was utterly titillated, and reassured in my commitment to Salon. I especially liked the "pickle/brine" metaphor; hadn't heard that one before.

-- Satadru Sen

The "Deadwood" column was brilliant. I'm so very impressed by Heather's ability to channel David Milch. A great article!

-- Lea Kelley

Is there anyone else anywhere writing better about television than Heather Havrilesky? No. More of my friends will be getting Salon subscriptions as gifts, simply to experience this one-of-a-kind writer. Heather, you are the best.

-- Randy Griffith

Huzzah to Heather Havrilesky and pity the poor hoopleheads who won't understand a single thing she said.

-- Becky Northcut

Heather Havrilesky is a consistently fine writer, a goddamn fucking national treasure. Don't ever let her go.

-- Michael Witbeck

I just wanted to add my name to the other hoopleheads who loved your article. "Deadwood" has captivated me with its Shakespearean use of expletives. Your article was spot-on in recreating that vibe, and it was a treat to relive some of my favorite lines.

-- Trip Eller

Given everything else that's going on in the world, how distressing, depressing, and debilitiating so much of it is, I very much believe we need to value those moments when people touch each other's hearts. So I'd like to send my deep appreciation for Ms. Havrilesky's insertion of the phrase "cunt-brine of another" into my viewing of "24" last night, watching the trials of poor Jack Bauer. This new vernacular perspective more than made up for having to mop coffee off my keyboard when I first read her article earlier in the day.

But also, thanks to Salon for having a media column that isn't stupidly pious, naive, or condescending about the media itself. Good going on the part of every last cocksucking one of you.

-- Gordn Dahlquist

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