Runaway house minority leader?

A righty blogger has some visionary advice for Jennifer Wilbanks' groom-to-be.

By Mark Follman
Published May 6, 2005 6:45PM (EDT)

A blogger known to the denizens of the World Wide Web as "Evil white guy" seems to have some doubts, just like Sean Hannity does, as to whether John Mason should really stick with his Runaway Bride.

But while Hannity's counsel for Jennifer Wilbanks' groom-to-be was grounded in compassionate conservatism, Evil white guy apears to be more concerned about Wilbanks' aging, and perhaps her future prospects for working on Capitol Hill. (Warning: Venture into the comments section here at your own risk; as one thoughtful reader advises, "he might as well jump straight into a meatgrinder." The righty blogosphere at its finest.)

Mark Follman

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