John McCain, getting snippy already

It's a long time until 2008, but that doesn't stop Sen. Straight Talk Express from needling John Kerry.

Published May 6, 2005 2:17PM (EDT)

Is it 2008 yet?

The next presidential election may be three years and change away, but it's never too early to start gettin' snippy. While some of his Republican colleagues are busy going after Hillary Clinton, John McCain is aiming his fire at John Kerry. As the Boston Herald reports this morning, the Arizona senator has some harsh words for his friend from Massachusetts.

McCain tells Men's Journal that Kerry is being too "obvious" about his desire to run again and that he ought to focus for now on being a senator. McCain says that it would be difficult for Kerry to succeed in a second presidential campaign "for the same reason it's hard for all candidates who don't succeed." He adds: "I also don't think Kerry ran a very good race . . . . At the Democratic convention, I can't tell you anything they did besides say, 'Reporting for duty.'"

It reminds us of what McCain did at the Republican convention: Sen. Straight Talk Express buried any hint that he ever differed with George W. Bush about anything, and he called on Americans to "stand up with our president and fight."

Kerry spokeswoman Jenny Backus made it clear that, if Kerry ends up in a race with McCain, he'll make sure that the senator's allegiance to the president comes back to haunt him. "It's fun to watch Sen. McCain quarterback," Backus said, "especially when he was the captain of the Bush/Cheney team."

By Tim Grieve

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