A brilliant debut single featuring Jadakiss.

Published May 12, 2005 3:33PM (EDT)

"Come Get It," the debut single by a young R&B singer named Yummy Bingham and featuring a rap from Jadakiss, was released with no fanfare to the digital music stores on Tuesday. It deserves a fanfare. It's a simple song with a grooving beat, some handclaps and high horn samples that, in a genius effect, stutteringly disintegrate periodically, and Bingham has written a meaty melody and sings it with style. This is one of the best singles of the year so far: It's rocking, it's catchy, it makes you want to dance and, most important, it's completely addictive. "Come Get It" sounds to me like a song that, with a little push from Bingham's label (Motown, a division of Universal), could be a ginormous hit. I hope to hear it on the radio all summer long.

By Salon Staff

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