Daily Download: "Your Little Hoodrat Friend," the Hold Steady

More of the Hold Steady's flailing, dangerous bar-band rock.

Published May 16, 2005 7:01AM (EDT)

Craig Finn's Brooklyn-via-Minneapolis band the Hold Steady exude a rough and tumble air of white-trash dissolution that the hipsters (and the critics) just can't get enough of. They are the Pabst Blue Ribbon of indie rock, another of the self-consciously lowbrow (or let's just say anti-highbrow) Midwestern products that have hit it big in Williamsburg and other hipster enclaves around the country. The Hold Steady's new record, "Separation Sunday," is not much different from their 2004 debut album, "Almost Killed Me" -- drunkenly aggressive, fiercely articulate talk-sung ranting over punkishly loud bar-band rock -- and just as good.

By Salon Staff

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