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An indie-rock "Cribs." Plus: A song about how crazy Phil Spector is.

By Salon Staff
Published June 1, 2005 6:40PM (EDT)

Genres defined (sort of): Smart-ass music writer Chuck Klosterman's column in the May issue of Spin, "The Rock Lexicon," is billed as "Difficult-to-define musical genres explained in a concise and accessible way for the curious yet inexpert listener." The intent of the piece is more to amuse than to educate: Would-be knowledge gatherers beware that one of the genres he describes does not actually exist. I particularly like "RAWK: This is how people who start bands in order to meet porn stars spell rock. It is also applied to long-haired guitar players who can't play solos."

Indie cribs: Joe Pernice, of the Pernice Brothers, proposes a version of "MTV Cribs" that features indie musicians and actors. "Where do you go when glimpses inside Usher's great room no longer titillate?" he asks. "You go straight into the musty crawl space of that dude from Spoon. You put in some hang time in Cat Power's mud room, is what you do." Pernice went ahead and recorded a pilot featuring his own apartment, which can be viewed here.

Spector insane:If you haven't seen any of the photos of Phil Spector in court last week (here's one) you're missing out. In honor of the great man's obvious lunacy, here's a download of Brooklyn "post-surf" rock band the Bosch's "Come On Phillie."

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