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San Francisco Bay Area readers can sign up to give feedback on our redesign.

Published June 2, 2005 12:14AM (EDT)

As many of you know, we have been working on redesigning Salon. We have reached a point where we really need feedback from you, our Salon readers!

Next Tuesday, June 7, we'll be conducting usability tests in a testing lab in downtown San Francisco. We're searching for volunteers who can give us an hour and a half of their time to review design ideas and give us their feedback. If you're interested and are able to volunteer for this effort next Tuesday, please e-mail us at

(email address removed)

Please tell us when you'll be able to come in during business hours, and give us a little information about yourself, including your name, the best e-mail address to contact you, gender, age, how long you've been reading Salon, whether you're a Premium member and what you like and dislike most about Salon. We'll e-mail you back to confirm the appointment.

Please note that we will only be able to accommodate a limited number of readers for this test, but we will most likely be doing future tests as well and will definitely e-mail everyone who responds for future feedback.

Warm regards,

Max Garrone
V.P., Operations

By Salon Staff

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