Missy Elliott's "Lost Control"

Missy Elliott's new single.

By Salon Staff
Published June 9, 2005 5:45PM (EDT)

"Lose Control" features the return of Missy Elliott's devastating half-speed rap attack -- Missy likes to skewer the competition with a quarter of the words it takes anyone else -- but Missy's customary wit is somewhat absent this time. (Also absent is Timbaland, don of modern minimalism and Missy's match-made-in-heaven near-constant collaborator.) But this track is focused on the dance floor, and between some brash electro noisemaking (it sounds like it could be the work of the Neptunes, but I can't find a producer credit anywhere), a typically chilly hook from Ciara and shouted crunkisms from Fatman Scoop, it all fits chaotically into place. I doubt this will be a radio hit, but it will fuel many a dance party.

Salon Staff

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