Bush's days of malaise

A new AP/Ipsos poll gives the president his worst approval ratings yet. Are Americans in a bad mood?

By Tim Grieve
Published June 10, 2005 12:46PM (EDT)

Is it time for George W. Bush to make like Jimmy Carter and give a "crisis of confidence" speech? The latest AP/Ipsos poll suggests that things just might be that bad.

Bush's approval rating? Forty-three percent, the lowest it has been since the poll began in 2003. Forty-one percent approve of Bush's handling of Iraq, and only 37 percent approve of his handling of Social Security. Just 35 percent of the Americans polled think that their country is headed in the right direction, another new low.

"There's a bad mood in the country. People are out of sorts," Charles Jones, a senior fellow at Brookings, tells the AP. "Iraq news is daily bad news. The election in Iraq helped some, and the formation of the government helped some, but dead bodies trump the more positive news."

Tim Grieve

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