Summer Playlist No. 2

A cleverly executed playlist about sideshow freaks.

Published June 17, 2005 5:40PM (EDT)

Our second featured playlist from the Summer Soundtrack Contest was submitted by Lee David Swanson and is titled "Summer Picnic With the Sideshow Freaks." Lee's idea of how each track fits (loosely) into the playlist theme is included in parentheses after the artists' names. It's a clever and well-executed concept, but more important, nearly every song here is good, including some from bands I'd never heard, but will be sure to check out more of.

1. "Freak Scene," Dinosaur Jr. (opening scene)
2. "100K," The Loved Ones (Mr. Lifto)
3. "Goodnight Goodnight," Hot Hot Heat (fire eater)
4. "Lobsteriscos Rocketiza," Applied Communication (the lobster boy)
5. "No Room for Change" Crystal Skulls (Pipo and Zipo the Pinheads)
6. "City Lights," Husky Rescue (Lionel the dog-faced boy)
7. "Sister," Sufjan Stevens (Helga and Olga Helm the Siamese twins)
8. "Rhyme Mime," PINE*am (Haki the bad mime)
9. "Fuzzy Felt Man," Mortimer (the Fuzzy Felt Man)
10. "I Feel Love," Cobre Verde (snake charmer)
11. "Tonights Now Tomorrow," El Oso (the dancing bear)
12. "Venus in Cancer," Amusement Parks on Fire (ending scene -- in flames)
13. "Hot Freaks (Live at CBGBs)," Guided By Voices (epilogue)

By Salon Staff

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