Head for the horizon

A summer playlist with free songs from New Order, Bloc Party, Brazilian Girls and more

By Salon Staff
Published June 21, 2005 5:14PM (EDT)

This Summer Soundtrack Contest playlist, titled "Driving Past the Sunset," was submitted by Greg Bills, who included this short explanation: "Bopping in your seat in the low sun, dazzling colors smoothing into starlight, then strange transmissions drifting in from far away." The mix does indeed make a nice transition from dancey numbers, including remixes of songs by R.E.M. and Bloc Party, to "strange transmissions," like the brilliant and truly bizarre "By Your Side," by CocoRosie. Incidentally, Calexico's cover of "Alone Again Or" has been by far the most frequently recurring song in the playlists submitted so far. Something about those sunbaked Southwestern sounds, I guess. Or the trumpets.

1. "Jetstream (Live at Canal+)," New Order
2. "Ageless Beauty," Stars
3. "Revolution Get Down," The BellRays
4. "Hole in the Ground," Mekons
5. "Alone Again Or," Calexico
6. "Rainbow's End," Modern English
7. "Milking," Deerhoof
8. "Banquet (Phones Disco Edit)," Bloc Party
9. "Divine (Ian Pooley Mix)," Supreme Beings of Leisure
10. "Lazy Lover (Free Mix)," Brazilian Girls
11. "Summer Turns to High (Her Space Holiday/Marc Bianchi Mix)," R.E.M.
12. "Sold," Joe Henry
13. "Bedroom Eyes," Laura Veirs
14. "By Your Side," CocoRosie
15. "When the Bees Are in the Hive," Edith Frost

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