Daily Download: "Swan King in the Snow," Dave Deporis

A quieter, lonelier cousin to Devendra Banhart's music -- and the best unsigned music I've heard in ages.

Published July 11, 2005 7:01AM (EDT)

I know almost nothing about Dave Deporis -- and Google isn't helping much, except to inform me that he sometimes plays under the name David Who Loves the Sky. "Swan King in the Snow" and "Ghostly Baby" are the only songs of his I've heard, and they're astounding, similar to Devendra Banhart's music, but coming from a quieter, lonelier and altogether less whimsical place. I listen to a whole bunch of demos from unsigned bands, and it's exceedingly rare to come across anything that strikes me nearly this powerfully. Someone get this boy a record deal.

By Salon Staff

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