Rehnquist hospitalized

The chief justice, 80 and suffering from thyroid cancer, is taken by ambulance to a Virginia hosptial for tests and observation.

Published July 13, 2005 7:47PM (EDT)

There's news on William Rehnquist, but it's not the long-anticipated word of his retirement. According to the Associated Press, the chief justice was taken Tuesday night by ambulance to an Arlington, Va., hospital, where he was admitted for tests and observation.

During the day today, reporters camped out near Rehnquist's house saw court police coming and going with Rehnquist's cane, a shirt and other clothing. The Supreme Court ultimately issued a brief statement saying that the chief justice had a fever and was hospitalized for tests. As the Associated Press notes, it was the second time in recent months that Rehnquist has been taken to a hospital by ambulance. It happened before in March, when the chief justice was having difficulty breathing.

By Tim Grieve

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