Summer Playlist: Cowgirl Bebop

A girl-centric indie rock summer playlist.

Published July 15, 2005 5:50PM (EDT)

The Summer Soundtrack Contest may be over, but I have plenty of great reader submissions left and there's no reason to waste them, so I'll be posting more standout playlists over the next few weeks. Here's one from Julia DeLeon titled "Cowgirl Bebop: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly." (parenthetical remarks are DeLeon's).

1. "Cold Cold Water," Mirah (the ultimate)
2. "Cowgirls On Parade," Tullycraft (the appreciative)
3. "Hold The Bar," Sarah Dougher (the convert)
4. "Fold Me Up," The Snuggleups (the sidekick)
5. "With Arms Outstretched," Rilo Kiley (the horizon)
6. "Gold Mine Gutted," Bright Eyes (the honorary)
7. "Sweet Baby," The Gossip (the pony)
8. "Miles Away," Yeah Yeah Yeahs (the attitude)
9. "Tumbling Away," The Crabs (the almost-a-song-about-tumble-weeds)
10. "Get Up," Sleater-Kinney (the stargazing)
11. "So Says I," The Shins (the competition)
12. "Track 6," Warbler (the philosophy)
13. "Rich Hum of Air," Shannon Wright (the natural)

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