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Can Lance win a political race? Katie's face time with Scientology. Did Paris split with Paris?

Published July 25, 2005 3:00PM (EDT)

Morning Briefing:
Sen. Armstrong? After winning his seventh straight Tour de France in Paris Sunday, rumors swirled anew that Lance Armstrong's next move would be a political one. Time reports that he continues not to rule out politics, saying: "Never say never ... I'm a fighter, and I do have certain beliefs. I don't think I'm truly cut out for it, but if people want it in ten years, who knows?" Over the weekend, Sen. John Kerry, in Paris to watch the race, agreed. "I think he'd be awesome, he'd be a force," but added a concern about Armstrong, known to be friendly with fellow Texan George W. Bush. "I just hope it's for the right party." (Time, The AP)

Scientology Spots: Snarky rumors swirled in May when a love-struck Katie Holmes was photographed with what looked like a swarm of cold sores on her face. But could the culprit have actually been Scientology and not a "social disease"? A "celebrity watchdog" group reports that the spots are consistent with "the nasty side effects of a Church of Scientology 'detoxification' procedure involving the vitamin niacin," which Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard recommends "along with exercise and sauna sessions" to "help purge the body of 'radiation,' his shorthand for negative alien substances in the body." Called "Purif" by devotees, the process makes "liberal use of the B-complex vitamin, which is used in traditional medicine to decrease cholesterol and improve circulation and can cause a red flush on the face and a diffuse itchy rash on the body when taken in large doses." A New York dermatologist, though, has his doubts. "Although I can't say for sure, this looks like a cold-sore attack," says Dr. Paul Frank. "Niacin shouldn't trigger cold sores. [But] stress is the No. 1 cause," adding, "God knows Scientology stresses me out!" (NYDN, Lowdown, Defamer)

Daddy DiCaprio? Word is the actor's longtime love, Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen, has babies on the brain. With her 25th birthday fast approaching, Bundchen admits that it's a family -- not flashy jewels or fast cars -- she'll be wishing for when she blows out her candles. "[I want] a baby," she said. "My life dream is to have a baby, but it's not only up to me, it's up to the father too." So, is Leo ready to trade bar hopping and baseball caps for diaper bags and a Bugaboo? Lads around the world can breathe a sigh of relief -- the supermodel's swimsuit physique appears safe, for the moment at least. Bundchen claims to be "waiting for her man to come around to the idea." But "as for the future," she says, "I don't know anything. I wish I had a crystal ball." (MSNBC, The Scoop)

Forget Paris? Miss Hilton may have spent the last two months talking up her elaborate wedding plans and flashing her $5 million "engagement bling," but sources now reveal that her plans to get hitched may have hit a hitch of their own. In early July, Hilton flew to Greece for a month-long vacation with her fiancé, 22-year-old billionaire Paris Latsis, but their prenuptial bliss was short-lived and "just two weeks into their vacation, the young couple returned to Athens and Hilton, 24, split." While Mr. Latsis has been nursing a broken heart, the elder members of the Latsis clan have been barely able to contain their relief. "They're sick of Paris shooting off her mouth," says one insider. Latsis' father, Gregory Kasidokostas was matter of fact: "She's gone," he told Star Magazine. "They had a tiff and she flew out. My son is much too young to marry." So is this really the end of the Parisian romance? "Paris' rep denies the couple has split up," [but the] Star has learned the two aren't speaking." Ahh, young love. (The Star)

A Britney baby blitz: Mark your calendars: Writing in her Internet diary, Britney's little sister, Jamie Lynn, has let Spears's due date slip. We're "getting ready for the new baby's arrival in September!!!" she writes, and "shopping so much." Madonna, no longer the "material girl," has apparently decided to give Britney a spiritual shower, by organizing a Kabbalah blessing for the baby. Says a source, "[Madonna] introduced her to the faith and [Britney] keeps ringing her to find out more." Judging from Spears and Federline's recent behavior, the Brit-baby may need all the blessings it can get: Today's New York Post reports that last week the couple "skipped the first birthday party of [Federline's] son Kaleb, one of his two kids with ex-gal pal Shar Jackson." The Spears/Federline camp did not have a comment, but a Jackson rep says the day "came and went without a visit, present or phone call from Kevin or Britney." Yikes. Well, maybe they were busy shopping? Finally, while Johnny Depp is basking in the glory of another successful box office weekend for "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," there's apparently still one thing that could make his life sweeter. When asked what he'd do with a Golden Ticket of his own, Depp told a British reporter, "I would like to bear witness to the birth of Britney Spears' baby."

Also: "Friends" veteran David Schwimmer is looking for a Jewish wife. Though he has been in a relationship with Hawaiian actress Rochelle Owitt for a year, he says "[marrying a Jew] would make things a lot easier, because we'd share a cultural and religious background." (Contact Music) ... Actress and model Estella Warren knows how to play a hand. The blond beauty won's celebrity poker tourney in Hawaii over the weekend, beating out Colin Quinn, Carson Daly, Shannon Elizabeth, Wanda Sykes and Dule Hill in the process. (N.Y. Post) ... A New Jersey woman was arrested this weekend after she allegedly claimed she was Jessica Simpson's personal assistant, which allowed her to illegally collect over $12,000 in free goods, including Ted Rossi handbags, Peter Thomas Roth skin care, Fake Bake Tanning Products and seven pairs of Frye boots. (Associated Press) ... The WB has redesigned the network logo, and Michigan J. Frog, the singing amphibian who has been the company's mascot since 1995, is conspicuously absent. Network chairman Garth Ancier told the Television Critics Association Friday, "In my opinion the frog is dead and buried." (Ya hoo News) ... Ricky Martin has vowed to speak out on behalf of Arab youths who are dealing with discrimination in the West. Today, during his fist visit to the Middle East, Martin told members of a youth conference representing 16 Arab countries, "if you allow me, [I will be] a spokesperson on your behalf. I will defend you and try to get rid on any stereotypes." (Associated Press, via ABC News) ... Lothario Jude Law is rumored to be unable to win back Sienna Miller's heart, confiding in friends that it seems unlikely that his former fiancée will take him back. "She told him she fears he's a sex addict and she can't move on from this. There seems no way back." (The Mirror)

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