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The "bought sensations" of J.Lo. Can Lindsay Lohan get any skinnier? Plus: An Olsen twin is solo again.

Published July 26, 2005 2:41PM (EDT)

Morning Briefing:

Change of heart: New Line Cinemas will be removing the "printable purple heart" feature from the "Wedding Crashers" Web site, after coming under fire from Rep. John Salazar. Both the Colorado congressman and veterans groups voiced objections to the gimmick, which instructed visitors: "To get one of these babies, some dudes have to prove their physical, mental and spiritual strength with great feats of bravery on the battlefield. All you need to do is press the button below." In the raunchy comedy, stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn use the fake medals as part of a strategy to seduce women, but Salazar, a sponsor of the Stolen Valor Act, which would prosecute anyone who falsely claims to have earned a military medal, says such behavior is no laughing matter. "If any movie-goers take the advice of the 'Wedding Crashers' and try to use fake Purple Hearts to get girls," he warns, "they may wind up picking up an FBI agent instead." (N.Y. Daily News)

Sneaky spin: Sony Music is stuck with a $10 million settlement, thanks to New York state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's investigation into financial practices at the label. Spitzer's probe uncovered internal memos that prove both Sony and Epic Records routinely paid off radio stations to promote their artists. Two hundred and fifty spins of Good Charlotte net FM stations 17 grand, but the bounty was not limited to cash -- picky programmers could also choose from "plasma TVs, laptop computers, PlayStation game consoles, and limousines." Beneficiaries of the bribery included Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and Franz Ferdinand. Fox News reports, "according to the memos, the [J.Lo] hits 'I'm Glad' and 'I'm Real' [were all 'bought sensations.'] All were obtained by Sony laying out dough and incentives. It's no surprise. There isn't a person alive who could hum any of those 'songs' now. Not even J-Lo herself." (Fox News)

Baghdad Jane? Jane Fonda is at war with veterans once again. The 67-year-old actress, who first raised ire when she was photographed laughing with armed North Vietnamese troops during the Vietnam War, has announced plans to drive a bus fueled by vegetable oil cross-country to protest America's involvement in Iraq. While she claims to still "carry a lot of baggage from Vietnam," Fonda has not been shy about voicing her opinion about the current conflict. She told a reporter earlier this year, "I think it was a mistake. It's another example of the government lying to the American people in order to get us into war." What kind of reception should she expect as she sets out? Let's hope she's not anticipating a ticker-tape parade. "[This is] like putting gasoline on a bonfire for so many veterans who will never forget what she did [before]," said American Legion spokeswoman Ramona Joyce. "We don't want to see a Baghdad Jane." (N.Y. Daily News)

Lindsay goes lower: Lindsay Lohan, 18, is asking the wrong people for nutritional advice. After months of denying speculation that she is suffering from an eating disorder, the ever-shrinking Lohan has apparently jetted off to a spa in Thailand with scrawny supermodel Kate Moss, and her friend, Jude Law's ex Sadie Frost. The trio has reportedly signed up for a "special cleansing package" that "starts with a three-day fast, and is followed by a strict diet of health food and exercise including pilates, t'ai chi classes and a tough training regime in the gym." Lohan, who raised curiosity last month after reportedly collapsing at her gym, has attributed her sudden and dramatic weight loss to "puberty" and a decision to give up junk food." But Moss is 31. Puberty, eh? (Monsters and Critics)

Mel goes Mayan: One dead language just isn't enough for Mel Gibson. The actor/director, who elected to shoot "The Passion of the Christ" in Aramaic, has announced that the dialogue in his upcoming Central American epic, "Apocalypto," will be performed entirely in an ancient Mayan dialect. But the language won't be the only thing unfamiliar to audiences, as the film is also expected to "feature a cast of unknowns native to the area in Mexico where the [picture] will be shot." Production is expected to begin in October and, as with "The Passion," Variety reports, "Gibson will bankroll 'Apocalypto' himself." For now, the plot remains under wraps, but Gibson's spokesman, Alan Nierob, has added: "[Mel] lets his work speak for itself." (AP, BBC)

Also: Just weeks after announcing she had adopted an Ethiopian orphan, Zahara, Angelina Jolie is at it again. The missionary mother is reportedly "looking in Russia for a baby." Her adoption advisor, Dr. Ron Federici, says, "I wouldn't be surprised if she adopts another one" ... Courtney Love may have cleaned up, but she's still carrying some of her old grudges. In the new issue of Spin magazine, Love criticizes former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, sniping, "[he] has been taking money from my child for years." Their feud dates to at least 2001, when Love went to court to seek sole rights to her late husband's music ... Ashley Olsen is single again. Though she has lately been spotted on the arm of Jared Leto, sources say the much-older ladies man has already forgotten about their fling. Leto's friend reports, "Jared enjoyed his brief time with Ashley, but now he's not returning her calls. He's pretty much moved on" ... Missy Elliott wants to work her sartorial magic on Michael Jackson. The rapper tells Spin, "I would give him some thugged-out braids, a wife-beater, a pair of jeans, and penny loafers. I'd bring him back on some next-level kind of flavor" ... Sienna Miller seems to have made a speedy recovery from her split with Jude Law. At a polo match last weekend, Miller got cozy with ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom, where they reportedly, "held hands ... and gazed at one another endearingly" ... Animal rights organization PETA has a big doggie mess on its hands. Two members of the group are facing charges after "they allegedly collected puppies and kittens from shelters in Ahoskie, N.C., euthanized them in a van, and threw the carcasses in a Dumpster behind a Piggly Wiggly store." PETA celebrity boosters Kim Basinger, Moby, Ally Sheedy and Al Sharpton have not commented on the incident.

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