A wicked theory about Judy Miller

Arianna Huffington posits a theory about Judy Miller that, if true, would boil liberals' blood.

Published July 28, 2005 10:03PM (EDT)

There's already enough speculation swirling around the investigation into who leaked the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame, but we'd be remiss not to pass along this post from Arianna Huffington. She posits a scenario in which jailed New York Times reporter Judy Miller refused to disclose her source in the matter because doing so would reveal that she was a participant in the effort to discredit Plame and her husband, Joe Wilson.

This theory has been floated before, but Huffington colors it all the way in, making it into a coherent narrative in which Miller, who was personally invested in the WMD-intelligence balloon that Wilson punctured, went looking for information on the Wilsons, obtained it and then passed it along to the White House.

Miller is innocent of any collusion until proven guilty, but such proof would send Miller's liberal detractors, who already want to see her laid out on the rack like Mel Gibson at the end of "Braveheart," into a cataclysmic spasm of rage. Huffington's theory is just that, a theory, but if it turns out to be true, Miller might choose to extend her stay in jail in order to avoid the wrath of angry readers.

By Aaron Kinney

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