Summer Playlist: "Sick of All This Saccharine Indie Rock"

Some beats for the indie rockers from Scissorkick

By Salon Staff
August 1, 2005 9:37PM (UTC)
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After seeing how little electronic, hip-hop and downtempo there was in the playlists submitted for the Salon Summer Soundtrack Contest, Steve Marchese of the excellent MP3 blog Scissorkick sent over this playlist, titled "Sick of All the Saccharine Indie Pop" mix, a.k.a. "Some Beats For the Indie Rockers" mix.

Steve writes: " I loves me my indie rock, but even the most incredible backyard barbecue has a handful of boombox bangers. Surely Salon is more eclectic than a Brooklyn jukebox. Some of these tracks however, are more suited to the brief moments of solace, with headphones firmly affixed atop our sweating skulls, when the subway provides our only escape from the oppressive humidity. A summer day is one of fluctuating temperatures and moods. Here are some beats and space for the indie rockers."


1. "The Move," Boom Bip
2. "Bird's Eye View," Zion 1
3. "Underscore," DJ Zeph
4. "Ohio City," Jugoe
5. "Tirade Highway," Apsci
6. "Neutral (Leo123 remix)," Eliot Lipp
7. "How Long," Out Hud
8. "Nights Wave," Mice Parade
9. "Where'd They Get To," Flevans
10. "Farewell Ride (Subtle Remix)," Beck
11. "All That You Are," Foreign Exchange

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