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Jen finally speaks out. Sienna nabs "Edie" role dropped by Katie. Plus: Is J. Lo pregnant?

By Salon Staff
August 2, 2005 6:27PM (UTC)
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Morning Briefing:
Jilted Jen: Brat Pitt comes off as a cad in Jennifer Aniston's forthcoming interview with Vanity Fair, though the actress confesses that she'll likely "love him for the rest of [her] life." In the cover story, Jen's friends report that Brad "checked out of the marriage as soon as he met [Angelina] Jolie on the set of 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith,'" noting that "he even failed to make the taping of her final episode of 'Friends.'" But what have stung Aniston more than anything else are rumors that Pitt left her because she was not ready to start a family. Aniston -- who fought back tears when told of speculation that Jolie may already be carrying Pitt's child -- had the following response, "I had hoped to spend the last year being pregnant ... [But, regardless,] a man divorcing would never be accused of choosing career over children," she says. "That really p---ed me off. I've never in my life said I didn't want to have children. I did and I do and I will!" But apparently that hurt hasn't stopped her from having a little fun at her ex's expense. When asked her opinion on Pitt's new blond dye job, Aniston replied: "Billy Idol called. He wants his look back." (N.Y. Daily News)

In related news, Eva Longoria, sexy star of ABC's "Desperate Housewives," has sent Aniston a personal letter of apology after being photographed wearing an "I'll have your baby, Brad" T-shirt. Longoria is reportedly "deeply ashamed" of herself, and said, "I regret wearing it and have written to Jennifer Aniston to express my sympathies over her marriage." (Talk Entertainment)


Sienna's second chance: Life after Jude Law might not be so bad for Sienna Miller after all. While she was originally passed over for the lead role in the Edie Sedgwick-Andy Warhol flick "Factory Girl" in favor of Katie Holmes, it looks as though Miller is now back on the bill. The New York Post reports that director George Hickenlooper "swears his change of heart had nothing to do with her newly enhanced press profile ... [though] Miller's name and face have been everywhere since it was reported last month that Law had shagged his kids' nanny." Hickenlooper asserts that Miller was always his top choice, but that previous professional commitments prevented her from taking the role. Miller "was offered the role on July 13, long before the Jude Law story broke," said the director. "As soon as Katie Holmes dropped out, we went back to [her]. I always saw her as Edie." And fortuitously, as production has now been delayed, Miller's schedule is no longer a conflict. (New York Post)

A new Neverland? Michael Jackson has been spending time in the Middle East while recuperating from his molestation trial. Rumor has it that the King of Pop feels so at home in the region that he has gone so far as to purchase "a 14 acres spread in Bahrain, adjacent to the palace of his 'good pal' Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad al Khalifa." What's the attraction for the reclusive rocker? Sources say, "The Gloved One has enjoyed his monthlong Middle East vacation, in part because he can don local garb -- often a flowing, white djellaba, complete with headdress -- and walk the streets virtually undetected." (N.Y. Post)

J. Lo's bun in the oven? The bombshell from the Bronx has been taking some time out of the spotlight since her marriage last year to Latin crooner Marc Anthony. But new rumors that they are expecting their first child have all eyes on the diva once again. "'It's very top secret right now,' a source tells Star Magazine -- but recent pictures seem to tell the whole story. In fact, the source adds, 'she could be six to seven weeks gone.'" Lopez, who was previously engaged to Ben Affleck, has allegedly had babies on the brain for quite some time. "She wanted nothing more than to marry Ben and have his children," says Star's source. "There were rumors that she tried to get pregnant as soon as they were engaged." Perhaps because she has been burned by false hopes in the past, Lopez's camp is staying quiet for now about her condition. Still, Lopez has been doing some suspicious shopping: It seems "a fashion stylist who works with J. Lo has already contacted several Los Angeles-based designers, asking them to assemble goodie baskets for a possible mom-to-be." (Star Magazine)


Also: Tom Cruise may believe Scientology can help cure any addiction, but could he himself be a relationship addict? Jamie Foxx, who starred with Cruise in "Collateral," says when he asked the actor why he became engaged to Katie Holmes so soon after splitting with Penélope Cruz, Cruise responded, "I just don't like not being in a relationship" ... Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are about to take their bitter feud to the box office. The former best friends and soon-to-be-reunited stars of "The Simple Life" both have films set for release on November 4. Andrew Shaifer, who co-wrote and directed Richie's movie, "Kids in America," says he "smells a publicity stunt." "'Kids' release date was set four months ago," explains the director, but "it was just announced that Paris' movie will open the same day. It is obvious something is going on" ... Target has rewritten Sir Mix-a-Lot's notorious 1992 hit, "Baby Got Back," and made it the centerpiece of its back-to-school ad campaign. Says a company spokesman, "There isn't anything particularly offensive about changing the meaning of the song from 'backside' to 'backpack' -- it's a short trip. No one is particularly offended along the way, maybe someone's mom won't like it, but offending mom has been a good way to sell the kids for a long time."

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Rather remember baseball before the steroids scandal hit? Tonight at 7 p.m. EDT, HBO airs its original documentary, "Nine Innings From Ground Zero," which explores the role the national sport played in healing the country after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

-- Sarah Karnasiewicz


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