Is Fitzgerald's focus still on Rove?

ABC News has been watching the comings and goings from the grand jury room. They point in one direction.

By Tim Grieve
August 3, 2005 1:12AM (UTC)
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So George W. Bush still has "complete confidence" in Karl Rove. That's all just hunky-dory, Mr. President -- but it also seems that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald still has a lot of interest in your deputy chief of staff, too.

ABC News has been watching the comings and goings from Fitzgerald's grand jury room, and the Note today notes that the grand jurors seem to have heard from two interesting witnesses Friday: Susan Ralston and Israel "Izzy" Hernandez. The Note calls Ralston Rove's "long-time right hand" and Hernandez his "former left hand."


We don't know what Ralston and Hernandez may have been asked before the grand jury, and we don't know whether they had long-standing "invitations" to testify or if they were summoned after Fitzgerald obtained the notes and testimony of Time's Matthew Cooper. Really, we don't know what any of it means, except -- as the Note says -- that it seems as if "at least part of" Fitzgerald's focus remains on the man who still has the president's "complete confidence."

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