Something bothering you, Bob?

CNN suspends Robert Novak for walking off the "Inside Politics" set just before he was to be asked about the Valerie Plame case.

By T.g.

Published August 5, 2005 12:27AM (EDT)

CNN suspended columnist, pundit and Valerie Plame outer Bob Novak Thursday after he shouted "That's bullshit" and walked off the "Inside Politics" set.

Novak was reacting most immediately to James Carville, who interrupted him while he was talking about the electoral prospects of Katherine Harris. But is it just possible that he had something else on his mind? Before the segment began, CNN's Ed Henry told Novak that he would be asking him about the Plame case.

Update: In a telephone interview with the New York Times Thursday night, Carville explained his colleague's actions this way: "Bob's probably got a lot going on in his life."

By T.g.


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