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By T.g.

Published August 5, 2005 7:30PM (EDT)

In our daily search for items to amuse and appall you, we come across all sorts of things no one should have to see. But every now and then, we stumble across something worth passing along -- and then never quite find the opportunity to do it. Starting today, we're making amends. In a new, when-we-find-time-to-do-it feature, we'll be tipping you off to the random bits of quality Web-ness that we'd e-mail to our friends if only we had time to have any. Our opening offerings:

For a depiction of the Iraq war that is disturbing in its graphic simplicity, follow this link and press the red button under March 20, 2003.

If you have a hard time getting your mind around the overlapping twists and turns of the Valerie Plame case, a fairly all-encompassing timeline put together by the folks at may be a useful resource.

And on a happier note as we head into the weekend . . .

With apologies to Ben Folds and "Jesusland," the political commentary in the music at the party party has a better beat. "Dick is a Killer" is a mix-tape favorite at War Room headquarters, but the brand new mix of "My Generation" -- featuring a multi-lingual rap-off between George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton -- may be worth six minutes of your time.

That's it for now. If you've got suggestions of miscellany gleaned from your own internet travels, let us know at

By T.g.


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