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Mick Jagger has a few words for George W. Bush, and they're not very nice ones. Bruce Springsteen is so 2004.

By T.g.
August 9, 2005 6:58PM (UTC)
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When Bruce Springsteen toured with John Kerry last fall, he offered up a wistful take on American politics that has continued with his ambiguous Iraq song, "Devils & Dust."

The Rolling Stones apparently prefer a less subtle approach. As Newsweek and Drudge are reporting, the World's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band is out with a new album next month, and it includes a love song in reverse for the Bush administration. It's called "Sweet Neo Con," and it goes something like this: "You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite. You call yourself a patriot, well I think you're full of shit. How come you're so wrong, my sweet neo-con?"



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