Daily Download: "Joining a Fanclub," Puffy AmiYumi

Music from J-Pop duo Puffy AmiYumi's Cartoon Network show.

By Salon Staff
August 12, 2005 11:01AM (UTC)
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Don't take my posting this song here as an endorsement, because while I've enjoyed some of Puffy AmiYumi's music in the past I get nothing from this slick and bland spunky pop song, which has a thoroughly Americanized production sound that even takes away the pleasure of the bubble-gum J-pop sound you'd expect to hear. But I know that the Japanese duo has many fans, and now even their own show on the Cartoon Network, so, to the uninitiated curious and the Puffy AmiYumi faithful, here you go. You can also watch the video to the song here.

Salon Staff

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